About Us

Viagginbici.com is a on line Magazine for bike lovers

Here you can find articles and insights about bike trekking and tour in Italy.

Registered in the Court of Padua, in which write bloggers, athletes, cycling enthusiasts, lovers of the simple and slow life, practitioners of sustainable tourism, and of course curious journalists.

Viagginbici means

bike trip

The editorof the Magazine is open to receive the reports of any trip I have ever had to do, even marginally with the bicycle. Our mission is to inform and tantalize even those who until yesterday had never even thought of being able to seriously consider their own two feet as a means of transport. We are not a tour operator so do not expect the proposals already packaged with the price, but all the useful information to organize your holiday.

Viagginbici.com contains articles on general cycling routes in the middle of nature, or mixed by boat or by train, on the beautiful slopes and easy to do for all the family and ideas for exploring the city. There will also be indications of more challenging trails to do with mountain biking. On viagginbici.com there will be stories of direct experiences that had greater detail than the normal items.

There is a section in which you can subscribe to our newsletter periodically that will stimulate your imagination always different ways. At the same time we have provided a form that allows you to send your diary complete with photographs so that it can be published. One of the most enjoyable parts of travel is the discovery of the culinary traditions: our section dedicated to recipes from everywhere and that you can easily replicate, you will savor the climate and atmosphere of the places you’ve visited or plan to visit. Sometimes we post vegetarians, vegans and recipes for intolerant people.

There will be also a news section that will report the news or events that relate to sustainable tourism. Our ambition is to contribute, through constant goad, to spread the culture of cycling in Italy, because this practice has in it a different, more simple and healthy approach to life, and the things of every day.

Ludovica Casellati  Director