The charm of the bike is the same as the charm of freedom. You can go anywhere, across streets and places otherwise not visible, you can stop when you decided and the viewing angle is absolutely unique and effective. I tried it on my legs the day when I decided to spend part of my holiday on the bike with my husband and my 3 years old son.

Until that day I had been using the bike for short trips in the city where I live. I’m a bit lazy and untrained. That day was opened to me a world. First, it is especially fun for children but also for us adults, who are accustomed to visit the places only by car or by foot. The limit of the first is that it hides many beautiful places because it goes fast. The limit of the feet is the ability to cover short distances.

The bicycle is the perfect middle ground. You can see glimpses of landscapes, people, you are living stories, adventures, emotions that would otherwise be lost. Almost all of the paths described on this Magazine provide Plan B, if a point of the journey you decide to rest your legs. The beauty of a bike trip is in the fact that we can choose to let us organize from start to finish by a tour operator, we will transport the luggage, will assist us along the way, or we can carve days in total autonomy to manage deciding where to stop and where to stay.

Who is already cycling and has an unbridled passion for cycling we would like he sent to us his travel diary to share with others, thus enriching the body of knowledge of all. There will be information for the expert bikers or anyone who can not do anything but to plan everything according to the bike.

On find ideas for a vacation that will organize your curiosity and motor as your legs, nothing else. That’s why we call it “The Magazine of Sustainable Tourism.” We like the idea of encouraging more and more people and more and more families to consider also the bicycle for their weekends and their holidays. It saves money, it’s more fun, and it’s healthy for everyone!

Ludovica Casellati