The snow can’t stop us! This seems to be the “say” of snow bikes, a trend that is becoming more “foot” in Italy. To anticipate all of the Valle D’Aosta. In Courmayeur in Val Ferret, the program includes starting each day at 12 from Planpincieux (1580 meters) and arriving at Lavachey (1650 meters). The proposed route is 5 miles, in front the magnificent chain of Mont Blanc and the Col Ferret.

 snow bike viagginbici

It starts with a mountain bike equipped with snow tires, through a cycle path in the middle of unspoiled nature and a guide authorized by the Consortium of the Val Ferret.

 escursione in bicicletta neve

The winter  offers the opportunity to experience a new way to ride your bike in places normally devoted to pedestrians or “snowshoeing”.

The silence of nature, the impression of animals, is broken only by the crunch of the snow under the tires.

 viaggi in bici

Upon arrival there is the possibility of gratification with a lunch at Baita-based dishes or a tasty snack and mulled wine.


Then it’s back to the base


A beautiful alternative to those of Mbaventure (the only ones authorized to offer this excursion) is offering the evening tour. The only difference, not least, is that you have to equip themselves with frontal torches necessary even if the track is illuminated by the moonlight.


In share for groups are also expected to be consumed  the dining in a “Baita” and then back downstream riding the snow bike.

 pedalare a courmayeur

This trip can also be made with your own bike but only and exclusively by the Mount Blanc accompanied by a licensed guide or Adventure Consortium Val Ferret, it is absolutely forbidden to venture into snow bike paths alone.


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