Today from the editorial staff of Viagginbici, we give you some suggestions, to read with your children, who finally begin to use their own bicycle alone to go: at school, at the campetto or to do sports; in short, they begin to taste their lives as “great” and the ability to move around independently, is really a great step for them and their emotional growth.

However, it is essential for their safety that comply with simple and basic rules in order to circulate safely on the road.
The sooner these rules are explained, the better, because we know that the younger the children, the faster they learn and apply the guidance of parents and educators literally.

Let us remind you first of all that the bicycle is a means of locomotion to all intents and purposes and as such, it must comply with the rules of the Highway Code. You can start with short routes under the house, perhaps equipped with a cycle path and as the children take “pedal” with the rules, lengthen the route a little bit.

Helmet well fastened? (HERE our advice for choosing the right one)

So let’s start!
1 Circular on the right always and in any case;
It may happen, however, that to avoid traffic jams or for other reasons, you pass on the pavement with your bike or cross along with pedestrians on the pedestrian strips, it is essential in this case to get off the bike and take it by hand, to be very careful and to be educated and respectful;

2 Never pedal in more than two side-by-side in urban centres;
outside built-up areas is permitted only if one of the two is less than ten years old. So if the children are going to cycle in a group, they won’t have to occupy the entire carriageway to chat with their friends, but move in a Indian queue (also valid for adults, of course!).

3 Always be visible and bright
Visibility is crucial when cycling: unfortunately, motorists and motorcyclists are not always used to sharing the road with bikes. It is therefore essential to point out to them our presence! It is mandatory to always have the front and rear lights on when you move around in the evening. The front light must be white or yellow, the rear light red, the red reflectors on the rear side and yellow on the pedals and sides. In general, the more visible you are, the better.

4 Learning (and respecting) road signs
We teach children to read the signals regulating the circulation of vehicles, which is compulsory:

tratti di ciclabile nella Franciacorta

Stop at red stop and traffic lights and give priority when required.

5 Using cycle paths
Let us oblige them if there are cycle paths, or bicycle lanes, to circulate inside them; they will be safer and more protected;

6 Do not listen to music with earphones while cycling,
in addition to being banned (ulta 160 euro), having ears plugged, does not allow you to hear the engines of vehicles and realize in time of danger. Only one earphone is allowed;

7 Free arms when pedaling
When riding a bike, make sure that you have your arms and hands free, hold the handlebar with at least one hand, so that you are ready for both abrupt manoeuvres and sudden braking. No phone in hand while pedaling.

8 Use your arms as arrows
In the car to indicate that you turn right or left, you use the light arrows; on the other hand, in bicycle we use children to use their arms to warn those behind of the intention to turn right or left;

9 Check brakes and doorbell
As a vehicle in its own right, the bicycle must be equipped with functional brakes and doorbell. Have you also checked that the wheels are well inflated? If you’re not sure, take your bike to the bicycle workshop in your city: it’s a real bike workshop where you can learn more about cycling and do maintenance yourself;

10 Do not run
Teach him not to race in turns, especially if the asphalt is wet: they could risk slipping right in the middle of the road and getting seriously injured.

Let us remember that we are being educated by example, much more than we are saying; let us set a good example, therefore, by behaving correctly, respecting the traffic code and others!

This time we wish good pedalling to the puppies at home, that

if properly educated, they will be great pedalers from big!