Discovering Umbria on the bike path Assisi-Spoleto

Cycling in Umbria is always a pleasure, but in the spring becomes even more fascinating because the green countryside and woods is more understood and mingles with the scents and colors of this season.

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In the Green Heart of Italy, the streets are mostly quiet, with little traffic, but if there is a way to discover some of the most beautiful in this region on a bike path suggestive and easy, it’s getting even more tempting.

ciclabile assisi spoletoThe reason why we decided to dedicate a weekend to ride on the bike path Assisi-Spoleto, in a few kilometers can visit many villages and places of art of this middle part of Umbria.

We have traveled the route from Spoleto to Assisi, but you can ride either in both directions, as the path is very well signposted in both directions. It is a cycle route very interesting, because it flows away from the traffic and is almost entirely flat, so suitable for everyone, even the less fit.

ciclabile umbra viagginbiciIn a few kilometers, you will pass through cities such as Assisi, Bevagna and Spoleto, but also touch other villages like Montefalco, Trevi and Passignano, that you can visit with short detours. Between a village and the other, then, is all about a ride in the Umbrian countryside, cultivated fields, vineyards and olive groves.

Pista ciclabile, naturaBike path, naturaI path, which in part consists of roads and partly in their own office, so far as 51 km, nearly all on the flat. In one day you can deal without problems, especially if you plan a visit to Bevagna, roughly half-way, where you can admire a beautiful old town. Then, of course, we must consider the return, so if you are not well trained, the best solution may be to stay overnight at Spoleto, and then leave and go back over the path, perhaps by inserting some detour to visit the neighboring villages. For hotels and hospitality you can refer to the consortium Umbria Bike

Campagna BevagnaStarted from Piazza Unità d’Italy, just below the Basilica of San Francesco, from here down to a little more than 600 meters on the main road and then turn left and continue on the charming Via Mattonata, where there is to pay a little ‘attention to pedestrians. After the descent, turn left and take a road between the green fields that leads to the Basilica of Rivotorto, where we arrived just after the sixth kilometer. Passed a stretch a bit ‘busiest, you enter a series of side streets where we have not met even a car. The crossings are well marked and you can ride in peace until Cannara (city famous for its delicious onions), where we arrived at kilometer 14. From here, alternating between sections of secondary roads and bike path, is It comes quickly in Bevagna (km23), where we stopped to visit the picturesque medieval town center and to recover a bit ‘of energy.

CicloturistiBevagna the route goes completely in its own headquarters, apart from some crossings where necessary to pay a bit ‘of attention. The fund is great, completely flat and runs along the bank of a river. Pedaling we parted on the right the hill of Montefalco and shortly after the village of Trevi, perched and surrounded by thousands of olive trees. A little further on, on the left, we have seen the castles of Pissignano and Campello sul Clitunno, which we set out to visit on the way back. Meanwhile, all around, it is a succession of cultivated fields, the many shades of green, making the landscape really nice.

We arrive at the Terminal “Tiles”, on the outskirts of Spoleto, after 51 kilometers, where he recently opened a Bicigrill where you can make a quick meal or even a lunch more challenging. From here is building a new stretch of path that leads to the center of Spoleto and Assisi-Spoleto will connect with the beautiful former railway Spoleto-Norcia. But that’s another story and I tell it the next time.

To download the track of the location you can use the following link

SegnaleticaPanorama FONTI DEL CLITUNNOPista ciclabile, ponticello