Telegram from Santa’s Village from FLOVER

Dear children, moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, I am pleased to invite you to “The Christmas Village flover”

between snowy landscapes, ice rinks, stalls and ice crib, you will find my house! You can see my room, the living room with fireplace and reindeer ready to go !!

Every Saturday and Sunday you can give me your letters, and then we will photograph together, with me and my trusty elves.

I look at a half past 11 am, at 3 pm. and a half past 5 pm.

On Thursday the Christmas Village is open until 10 pm and if you want, you can have dinner with me!

I’ll be waiting with open arms! Greetings from Santa Claus!

OH OH OH !!!

After reading the telegram the recall was so strong that we decided to go there by bike from Verona to enjoy the fall foliage and dive with the children in the magical Christmas atmosphere.

And it was so: it seems that the gnomes everywhere tadpole, is chasing each other, play and skate on the ice with a special friend snowman BRRR, with penguins and polar bears.

Anyone who would like to hand the thoughts to a special friend, can do so at the Village of Creativity, with creative workshops designed for mothers and children, can create puppets with pom poms, flowers in cloth Lenci, angels to hang, decorations for the ‘ Christmas tree. And then? Then your children will enjoy a snack of Christmas at the dinner.

For mothers more ambition “hot ideas” of the craftsman of wool that teaches to work in irons, even without shoes!

Do you know Hildegard? Monday from half past 4 p.m. to half past 6 p.m., in the cafeteria of the village, will teach you to prepare biscuits Christmas.

And Amelio Mazzella? Do you know him? Every Sunday from 3 pm. to 6 pm staged his show “Frozy Show” and will create by hand, before your eyes, a statue of ice that will enhance its Nativity of ice traveling.

Last curiosity: inside the Village, there is another Christmas village in miniature, is a village that will captivate Lemax sure you too.

You will find Christmas decorations for all tastes, from all over the world in all materials and colors.

Do you want to decorate your tree style Ice Palace? Decorations milky white, opaque white, pearly blue and transparent decorations, are for you.

The colors champagne pearl and matte, white wool, bronze, brown, gold, glass, fur, wood and glitter, they immediately Saint Moritz.

If your Christmas is full of tradition, you will find red, white, glasses, berries, ceramics etc.


The Cycle Path of the Sun is a network of cycle paths linking the North Cape to Malta through Europe in the north-south.

We have traveled the stretch between the provinces of Verona and Trento, once the border between Italy and Austria, which proceeds to the Brenner Pass.


We set out from the center of Verona and proceeding towards Chievo, we cycled towards Bussolengo without difficulty, alongside canals that feed the hydroelectric power stations and through the center of Bussolengo.

Wanting the bike path and continue along the Adige, it enters in the Valpolicella area where begins the most fascinating; But we have heard the call of the bells and reindeer and we decided to leave for a few hours that evocative ride in the autumn foliage to dive into the reassuring arms of Santa Claus.

Leaving the path and along 500 meters of road can easily get to FLOVER.

Then with bikes loaded with gifts, candles and sweets, we started to ride on the “Cycle of the Sun”, with the intention to return to finish the “work” began.

We met several well-preserved fortifications, the most significant, is the strong Wohlgemuth museum of the Great War in Rivoli Veronese; curiosity: Rue de Rivoli in Paris named after this country Verona, for a battle between the French and Austrians who here took place on Jan. 14, 1797, during which the general Napoleon led his army to victory against the Austrian troops; to reach the center of the country, we face a climb of about one kilometer and is the hub of the path that goes to Lake Garda or to the north, towards Trento. Proceeding in this direction, we get into all flat area in the “Terra Dei Forti”, the origin of the name is linked to the territory where they meet eight strong perfectly preserved, “Land of the Strong,” which in turn is the name coined for DOC wines made from vineyards in the area.

Avio, it deserves an honorable mention the medieval castle can be visited, which welcomes cyclists in Trentino.

All along the route were created picnic areas with benches in addition to signs of cultural information, environmental and utility.

INFO: If you want to organize this excursion with someone to accompany you, please contact Fabio Boeti Bike Emotional Experience Tour (349 6632013)

Carolina Malucelli