Cagliari by bike with babies

Cagliari by bike with babies

Cycling in Cagliari: from Poetto to Molentargius Park

Looking for cycle-lines for women on bikes with babies?  When you become “moms by bike”, that is to say those that have been born with the bike, finding places where you can pedal with all calm, in the plain, perhaps with dedicated stops along the way, is essential. The mother relaxes and the baby can enjoy moments of play.

If you have never visited Cagliari, this is the time to do so.

Not only because it is a liveable city with a child, but also because it is the city of the sea “in the city”, of long sunny afternoons, of the long sunny Poetto, of stretches on the beach until dawn, of the ramparts, of the little pizzas in the morning and of the many green parks never seen in a city. And I could still have one.

If you don’t have a bike with you, just rent it directly from the Marina.

(at the beginning of Poetto, the famous seafront promenade of Cagliari): the Bike Sharing Cabubi is available here. There are various options for the use of bicycles with rates on consumption, daily and/or tourist service.

Cagliari by bike with babies

Cagliari by bike with babies

I chose the weekly subscription, at the cost of 5 euros with a euro credit included. In fact, cycling will be free of charge for the first 30 minutes, and will cost 50 cents for the second half an hour and 1 and 50 euros for the next half hours.

Or if you don’t want to feel constrained there are many rentals, which in addition to the two wheels,offer the seat.

Here are two addresses: Carbustec and Sardinia Cycling are also available for children’s bikes with castors, which in addition to the rental of walking bikes (also electric) offers real organized tours of the city.
Once on the saddle. That cannot be wrong.

Cagliari by bike with babies

From Marina Piccola always straight: on the left there are the salt-pans with pink flamingos,

to the right is the majesty of the gulf of the Angels. It is about 9 kilometers flat in which you can enjoy a series of goodies not bad at all:
endless free beach in which to play your child, refreshment points, called bars,
stop for a coffee or lunch break. For direct experience

I recommend you stop off at the Sella Del Diavolo bar.

Spacious terrace on the beach and the possibility to take advantage of deckchairs to stop and sunbathe. Here you will find super sandwiches as well as regenerating salads.
For more trained mothers you can continue to the end, arriving at Quartu.
For those who want to ride in relax, just stop in one of the many benches and enjoy the perfection of nature that here in these parts is not a joke!
But it is not the only area for those who want to ride in relaxation. If you are looking for something really special, please note the park of Molentargius, a wetland area known as the Salt Pans, of 1600 hectares in the middle of the town, was born with the aim of protecting species such as pink flamingos. And the excitement of seeing them closely is great. But you just have to behave with politeness and discretion. In this area, it is strictly forbidden to enter the undesired paths and let your dogs run. Every moment, especially springtime, must be preserved.

The entrance is from Quartu S. Elena, in via Don Giordi, in the Le Palme district.

Cagliari by bike with babies

I have entered from here but you can also do so on the side of the city of Cagliari (PARCO MOLENTARGIUS)

The comfort is that from here you will find the bike rental on site:

about 30 bikes are available for both adults and children. The cost depends on the hours: approximately one day of 8 hours is around 9.50 euros, while the children 6 euros. If you would like to use the seat for an extra euro.
So, all you have to do is enjoy cycling on the dirt road and enjoying the pink salt pans….