Market at Borgo Rango and the painted village of Balbido

What could be more beautiful than to discover the many ancient villages that populate our country, maybe a bicycle?

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So we did we di it before Christmas. Loaded two suitcases in the car we went to discover the Comano Valley Salus. It is located about forty kilometers from Trento towards Madonna di Campiglio. It ‘a valley that has a great appeal.

In the months from April to November are the famous Comano to attract tourists looking for a holiday that councils also wellbeing. The properties of water in fact, there is evidence that they have a great efficacy in the treatment of skin diseases. The treatments are ideal for atopic dermatitis of children. This has meant that the whole organization of the Valley, both in summer and winter, both built for families.

In this period, the Baths are closed, the ideal is to explore the villages set here and the wonderful amphitheater Giudicarie between the Adamello Brenta Dolomites, the Monte Casale and Monte Misone.


Rango is a gem, perhaps the most valuable, the plateau of Bleggio and overlooking the entire valley.

mercatino rangomercatino rango mtbIf you arrived by bicycle you remain speechless. The feeling is to take a dip into the past. The stone houses, typical rural building once, huddled together make something unique. From the beautiful Renaissance mullioned window placed above the entrance vault, you can admire the Pont who led the barnyard, the Volt that are typical doorways, the dense system of tunnels, courtyards and covered walkways that were used to repair both livestock men. All together creates the exact feeling of being inside a crib. Imagine then these days the village dress and illuminated for Christmas, has a magical atmosphere. The inhabitants of Rango opened their barns, the sheds, cellars and porches and have them for the Christmas market. Taverns staged in Volt or ristoranrango in mtbil wire market rangoti the Borgo you can taste the specialties of the country tradition thirty: dumplings, tripe soup, orzetto, polenta carbonera, salted meat, struedel and apple fritters. Queen of Borgo nut of Bleggio.Of note among the many crafts the Filò being revived by two women: Marzia Ferrari for the kitchen and Luisa Belliboni for laboratories floral.

The Christmas Market that develops within spaces that are inaccessible during the year because private, offering local products and local crafts. rango in mtbbambini in biciclettaThanks to Alessandro Alimena, (hotel Cattoni) and MTB guide for passion, we discovered every corner of Borgo Rango making us fall in what was life, and the tradition of a nation dedicated to pastoralism and agriculture.

Showed us those steep alleyways and steep, and of those hidden passages, every detail that has captured the attention and captivated both adult and children.




trentino in bicicomano valle salus in bici

It says was the place where they took refuge witches, responsible for natural disasters.

Today, however, is an attraction for the paintings in the walls of old houses depicting scenes of everyday life.

39 are in fact the murals: the miller, the washerwoman, the chimney sweep, the blacksmith farrier, the umbrella, the shoemaker, the baker, the postman ….. Balbido is a country really to discover slipping in the alleys, under faces, in the alleys. Family is more fun because the kids will discover in every corner, next to a staircase, near the windows, on the side of the barn colorful designs so characteristic.




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Is just opened a B & B surrounded by nature that has the grass roof and was built with the use of only natural materials: Casariga. It ‘a house that has no equal, there are 10 in all of Italy built with the same arrangements and technology. Heats up with the sun and the earth, and the air takes it directly from the forest. You can take your bike in your room. Cakes with jam made by Elisa Bernardi, the hostess, and her infusions prepared with so much love are another strong point of the b & b. A ‘experience of great comfort and relaxation to try. We of Viagginbici  did it: You can read our review here.




catenaccio rango



At Borgo Rango we recommend the Catenaccio restaurant

Within a typical rural building a delightful restaurant that serves excellent traditional products. We recommend the salted meat.

Also in Comano Valley Salus after the beautiful village of Stenico, you can dine at the restaurant pizzeria Dologno.


All’interno di una tipica struttura dell’edilizia contadina un delizioso ristorante che propone  ottimi prodotti della tradizione. Si consiglia la carne salada.

Sempre nella Comano Valle Salus dopo il bel paese di Stenico, è possibile cenare al Ristorante pizzeria Dologno.



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