Sanremo: a cycle track in western liguria

On the coast of western Liguria in recent years has been reused the old railway track to create a bike path, that without any difficulty allows you to discover some hidden views of the territory , which was in operation until the railway line were inaccessible . The trail runs about 28 km and goes from San Lorenzo al Mare to Sanremo (Ospedaletti)and is characterized by evocative passages , which bring visitors in close contact with the sea in the thin strip of land that separates the sea from the seat of the Aurelia highway .

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The route starts in the center of San Lorenzo al Mare , a small coastal village built at the mouth of the Rio San Lorenzo. Access to the track is done directly by the Via Aurelia , near the parking lot of the old railway station , the trail follows the old railway route exactly . It follows a straight flanked by pedestrian promenade , recently renovated , from which you can easily access to several public beaches and cliffs below.

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At the end of the promenade path continues through a tunnel lit very long (about 1500 meters) , which is why it can be cold and is therefore best to bring a windproof jacket . Exit was a relaxation area equipped with benches and gardens overlooking the sea . Under the track is just a little-known beach of rocks and pebbles , at the mouth of a small river , accessible via a steep staircase that leads down to the shore.
From the area equipped,the route continues parallel to the Aurelia , running a few meters down the road and close to some unique and fascinating stretches of cliffs , once completely inaccessible by rail. After a few miles the roadbed joins Aurelia finally , to arrive near an old railway into toll Aregai area .

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You pass first under an ancient stone bridge , which was once used to overcome the rail trail , and shortly after, with a long straight runs along the whole of the tourist port of Marina Aregai , The stretch along an area not particularly attractive to natural level , but offers a unique and spectacular glance the entire marina.
At the end of the straight you will come close to another bridge which passes from the top of the seat track. And ‘ the access road to the seafront of Santo Stefano al Mare , an ancient fishing village , characterized by a small but picturesque old town, which you should visit .

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Running between the houses, then along the track widens the area of ​​the old station, and continues through cultivated fields until you reach the town of Riva Ligure. From the track is very easy access to a beautiful beach promenade and several sandy beaches equipped and free , that invite you to a refreshing bath.


At one time this area of ​​the coast was virtually unreachable because of the railroad, and the coast is therefore still in its natural state , with no settlements of any kind. At the end of this stretch of bike path, passing a few cultivated fields, before you cross the long bridge over the creek Argentina , which gives its name to the valley on which it stands Taggia and its coastal town of Arma di Taggia .
After crossing the bridge , the trail crosses the big flat area once home to the railway station of Arma . The area of the old station is in the center of the country, so it is easy to stop to ” refuel ” if we serve new energy, or just to indulge in the pleasure of tasting the famous focaccia .
Weapon has a small but significant marina, a long and beautiful pedestrian promenade that runs along its famous sandy beaches.

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From the station, the path continues towards Bussana of Sanremo. The trail passes through a first section behind the houses of the village of Arma di Taggia. At the end of the village , the route climbs slightly and overlooking the coast and the beaches of Bussana . The panorama is stunning , and the trail continues along the path of the Aurelia and continues through some meadows and several galleries .
At the end of the last tunnel , the path runs along the resort area of Three Bridges , an area of ​​beaches very busy in the summer , before plunging in Sanremo, which runs through the heart of the city taking advantage of the location of the old railway line . Cyclists and pedestrians should pay particular attention to the various intersections of urban roads that cross the track, which should take precedence.

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The trail has its end after the area of ​​the former , just after the end of the promenade of Corso Imperatrice and from here it is possible, in fact we encourage you to do so, visit the town , go to Via Giacomo Matteotti called ” The bath ” which is the main artery and the most chic of Sanremo, where one focuses more international shopping , fueled in particular by Arab sheikhs and Russian oligarchs , as well as its proximity to the French border and the relative proximity to Monaco .
Via Matteotti  is the concentration of every aspect of the city’s shopping , not only with exclusive boutiques of major labels, the famous Ariston Theatre, which hosts the Festival of the Italian Song , where from 2013 or even find the statue of Mike Bongiorno , but also with restaurants , especially in small stringers of the main street , where you can taste the rabbit Sanremese , a real treat ….

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Recently has been completed stretch from San Remo to Ospedaletti long tunnel that passes under the Museum of Milan Sanremo, Capo Nero.

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