A holiday in mountain bike for kids

Equipped with mini bike and helmets, here they are ready to go. They are the kids who spend their summer vacation with their parents in Val Gardena and do not want to miss the opportunity to learn a few tricks of mountain biking.


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With experience, Mark Vinatzer has small bikers and already controls if the “puppies”, children between 4 and 6 years old, they can hop on your bike or not. Help MTB Ortisei, Mark practical lessons with children. In winter, in fact, is a ski instructor for children and compares gladly ski lessons and the lessons of MTB: “Skiing and riding are actually two very similar activities. Maintaining the balance, the central location, braking and cornering are fundamental practices of both disciplines. With targeted exercises can ease the lesson and then let the children learn faster. “

mtb per bimbi

With great patience in assisting small path tracing specially for children to Ortisei. On the part of flat lawn you perform exercises to get on and off the bike. Only later did we begin to treat the curves on surfaces flat wood that echo the shape of the curve and roll on special waves always built wooden cutlery and a short distance from the ground. “For us, cycling is the most natural thing in the world. Already as children willingly we speed on two wheels, the discovery of these neighborhoods. Personally, it was a real surprise to find that many children, from the big cities here for the holidays, do not have no experience of cycling, let alone a mountain bike, “says Mark, who works for the school this season MTB Ortisei.

From 2013 Pauli Rabanser is director of the new school of MTB in Val Gardena. The investment in trails to practice driving in the bike as a child and in the formation of his team should not be underestimated. “No, I’d say no. We noticed that guests spend the holidays here want to live through mountain biking. Often, however, there are prerequisites in order to do so we decided to create them,” says Pauli Rabanser.

The school offers courses for MTB “pups” for children aged 7 to 12 years and for boys aged 13 to 15 years, but also courses for adults. Only once assodate the fundamental skills you pass a simple tour off the beaten path of practice. “The Val Gardena offers many possibilities even for beginners. Forest roads or trails S0-S1: MTB beginners will find here the ideal conditions.”

Unapproachable to beginners, however, is the king of the tour Val Gardena: the Sella Ronda. The difference in height to deal with its own forces depends on the way in which you decide to take the course: clockwise meters in altitude are only 450, while counterclockwise skim 1000 meters. “Our advice is to take the tour clockwise to have more strength with which to face the sometimes challenging climbs from the technical point of view,” says the director of the school.

Mark helps a little rider to his feet, after dealing its first corner and be dropped. The boy cleans up his pants with his hands, laughs and grabs his bike. It is clear that has already been infected by the virus of MTB!



School MTB Ortisei
Via Val d’Anna 2

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