Bike rides along the shores of the two lakes of Trentino, the discovery of part of Valsugana

Two of the most popular Lakes of Trentino is undoubtedly of Caldonazzo and Levico, a few kilometres from Trento, placed at the very beginning of the Valsugana. Their fame must firstly, to various spas in the area, which still sonciclabile2or one of the engines of the local economy, along with the coltciclabile della valsuganaivazione of corn, which produce the famous polenta. Thanks to the investments made in recent years, with the creation of the Valsugana Valley cycle, which runs parallel to the River Brenta and the path that runs along the Lakes, took “pedal”, in the sense that tourists on two wheels continue to rise, thanks to all service activities that were born as a corollary.



It is in this context that we invite you to join us on some of the routes we have tested for you.

Today percrondo Levico Termeorreremo about thirty kilometers along the two lakes and then shortly before returning to Levico, start and finish of the tour, we will grant a swim the Lake. Our base is the bike hotel Cristallo (, near them we will find our bikes from InBike (, right in the Centre of Levico, and then after all adjustments and secured the helmet … Let’s start.



The first few kilometres are slightly downhill, until you get to cycle across country first and then the campaign, leads us in a short time at Calceranica mines, where up to 60 pyrite was mined is used to derive the vitriol acid – solfminieraOrico used in weaving and metallurgy – and sminiereugarina, a golden ink absorbent powder.








The visit to the mines takes about three hours, and must be booked, (for information: Parco Minerario Calceranica ) once divided from mine staccionatayou pass the village of Calceranica and arrive on the Boardwalk that runs along the Lake, the path here is suspended on the hot waters of Lake Caldonazzo, which in 2014 have been awarded the prestigious blue flag. For a long stretch, below and beside us, are mallards and coots, well-known birds, but the most important inhabitant of the area is the great crested grebe, a bird known for its parades.




Following the path, you can see the various piers where yachts are moored which can be used to learn to sail, or do the water-skiing: remember that you own from Caldonazzo Lake that departed Thomas Degasperi, 5 times European champion and in 2011 world champion waterski, slalom. By continuing you are leaving the waters of the Lake, and it aims at Pergine Valsugana, if you want to have a snack, wander through the Centre and you will find some delicious local produce.


castel-pergineWe aim towards Castel Pergine, who perched on top of Teggazzo Hill, dominates the plain. We aim … in the sense that the turn around!!!! For the most trained of course the satisfaction to climb to the top of the Hill and enjoy the scenery is absolutely desperately, but we prefer to go to the Castle and back to Levico.


Shortly after the Castle, along a short stretch of road and then turn right, descend to meet the first waters of Lake Levico. From here the path runs alongside the Lake, giving us glimpses. Arriving at the beach, at the foot of the village of Levico, the bathroom is a must.



After being reassembled, one last little effort and we arrive at our hotel, that awaits us with its spa, to continue to cuddle in the warm waters of the terme …




Jordan Roverato reportage