Cycling in the Ahr Valley trought castles and mines

Have you ever planned a weekend in the mountains in the fall? Well, it is appropriate to do so! We have been in the Ahr Valley in South Tyrol a wonderful, sunny and secluded valley on the border with Austria. Leaving the motorway in Bressanone and Brunico continue from there follow the signs to the Ahr Valley or Ahrntal. At some point in Casere the road ends and from there to Austria you can go only on foot.

in bicicletta in valle aurina

An excellent alternative is to travel by bicycle throughout the Valley to Bruneck to thirty kilometers to the discovery of views and landscapes in autumn. I assure you that it’s a great diversion and a great way to get out from the daily stress that surrounds us and let yourself be pampered by the colors and scents of nature.


Departing from Casere after a slight descent we meet here and there a house and a delightful mill.

mtb valle aurina


A few meters down a monolith intrigues us with a written “Mines Predoi” ” Climate Center”. 

IMG_3592valle aurina in bici


We decide, curious to find out what it is. We explain that in what was a copper mine now people are going to do Speleotherapy therapy underground, literally. 



During the Second World War in Germany, a doctor discovered by chance that the people who would admit to escape the bombing in underground cavities were of the obvious benefits. In these cavities the air is pure and the humidity close to saturation. This microclimate at a constant temperature of 9 degrees all year round, is indicated in acute and chronic respiratory diseases characterized by obstruction such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

What should you do?

centro climatico


We dress to stay two hours at that temperature. You shall have a helmet, blanket and waterproof. It is mounted on an electric train and within a few minutes you take 1 km in total darkness and into the heart of the mountain.

You just relax and BREATHE deeply.


It ‘s time to take our bicycle tour to Campo Tures. The scenery along the river is lovely Ahrnt.

in bicic per la valle aurina


At some point the valley narrows almost to form a groove at the top of which stands the majestic Castel Tures or Castel Tures. It ‘a jewel of the thirteenth century, although there are indications that it would place way back in 1135. Today, for the beauty of its interior and its good condition is the set of a television series in the highly successful “One step from heaven” with Terence Hill .

valle aurina mtbIMG_0004

And ‘possible to visit it by checking the opening hours. From the top you can enjoy a view alone is worth the stop. 

castel tures in bici


Now all in one go walk along this beautiful path to Brunico through Campo Tures. Autumn colors from yellow to red amaranth kidnap our eyes and make us ride without even realizing it. Once in Brunico you can do healthy shopping. For those who love the tablecloths Tyrolean there are two stores do not miss the texture  La Tessitura Franz  or Ulbrich.


If you stay in the Ahr Valley as we did at the Alpen Palace do not be afraid to shop. We will pick you at any time with the bike you are tired and you will not hear from the back, or have exaggerated with shopping. For all the information on this luxury hotel chain’s Best Wellness, read our review of Alpen Palace hotel

Reportage Ludovica Casellati