A bike trail along the beautiful Val d’Orcia

Toscana_Siena1_tango7174From Siena to San Quirico d’Orcia is Heaven on Earth. Green hills or gold. Churches, towers, hospitable. Dirt roads or clay, still paved with memory. Meno 50 kilometers of cycling on road bike or mountain bike, or on Cassia through the Strade Bianche, with tears at the end of that claim some impegno.Da here to Rome Crete Senesi you slow down our march and shorten the stages, probably to ammirare.La get from Siena is from the Cross of Labor, the intersection of a road with Francigena ancient Etruscan and west up to Castelvecchio.

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croce del travaglio sienaporta romana a Siena

The Street today is throught Camollia, via Montanini, Pantaneto way; streets always narrow and often crowded, not for cycling. You exit the city through Porta Romana and you get to Isola d’Arbia is riding on Fancigena enchanting landscape south of Siena, sr2. Climb for gentle hill Malamerenda, in the shadows of the cypresses and innocuous under the clouds of the sky by artist; we do not stop but come on we look away and we fill the landscape.

Isola d'Arbia countryside

strada Monteroni d'ArbiaIn Isola d’Arbia we can devote a look at the church of St. Hilary, simple and charming as his world around. We continue on the Cassia, accompanied by Tessa and dall’Arbia, stream and river, left and right, up astrada Monteroni d’Arbia Monteroni d’Arbia. The village and the fortified mill of the Grange are worth seeing. The mill in 1300 and was producing half a ton of flour. “Who goes to the mill s’infarina” here to tell which one of us will ask directions to get there, but there is.

 Left Monteroni let you ride in the direction of Arbia Ponte castle Monteroni d’Arbia to get to Buonconvento. Pedaling in this spell, we could be in the middle of the contrast between the green and the blue, the hills and the sky

strada Buonconvento, in the beautiful days. Or that the clouds make the cstrada Buonconventoielo silver and dark earth, but they are less certain days belle.A Buonconvento you can not stop, obviously because of the name. In the center of the province of Siena and the mouth dell’Arbia, Buonconvento is near the parish church of Percenna, developing of reflection in this and the resulting traffic on Francigena.

Go under the arch of Porta Senese, admire the city walls and towers, get to the old town up to the Praetorian Palace is a journey through time. Then we cycle to the south gate amura Buonconventond leave the village without hurry. Go ahead and go up: for the Torrenieri stradamura Buonconvento rises 80 vertical meters to a kilometer and a half.

cipressi con nebbia Torrenieri

Torrenieri is Turreiner for Sigerico, thirteenth stage of his journey from Rome. In here you can get, with a little ‘more than fatigue and a good mountain bike, going to Montalcino. The crossroads we find after Buonconvento right and makes us avoid the Cassia, makes us feel like heroes cyclists of Strade Bianche and see other additional beauty.

strada con bici Montalcino


Montalcino is now the border of the Province of Grosseto but is part of the Sienese since XIII century; It is the end of the Val d’Orcia and the north-west of Mount Amiata; to say that you get there, every corner is a land of unique beauty that makes us proud in the world. Fell from Montalcino and edged up to Torrenieri continue until San Quirico d’Orcia. Municipality of Val d’Orcia and crossed by the Francigena, San Quirico is admired immediately: enter the town from Porta Senese there is the Collegiate Church of Saints Quirico and Julietta, Romanesque monument that has to Lombardo, the most important.





strada dal campoUntil the square is the church of San Francesco and over another Romanesque church of Santa Maria Assunta. After the hospital of San Quirico, with even the well in the courtyard, beautiful legacy of the fifteenth century. For hospitality we have to go at the entrance of the village, there are about thirty beds but is required credential. These and other info on the official website: www.comunesanquirico.it Otherwise, or first of all, we can stop and listen to the Val d’Orcia; San Quirico and Pienza; Montalcino, Castiglione, Radicofani; Crete, meadows, and skies. Eternal beauty that we speak, and we like small men quietly listening.


Reportage di Alessandro Avalli