1. How old are you, what do you do?

I am 56 years, architect and mountain bike guide

2. Why is your name Grandpa Carb?

And ‘my nick name on mtb-forum.it, carb as carbon of my bike and honorary grandfather after I reached 50 years!

3. Since you ride bike and how did your passion for mountain biking? At a specific time or and born over time?

I started in 2000 with the racing bike and in 2005 with the mountain bike, because I wanted to explore all paths before around Merano and then in the whole Alto Adige

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4. Meranobike.it since I follow this project?

The site www.meranobike.it was born almost 10 years ago to collect all my experiences in cycling, there are tours, videos, photos and lots of tips to practice mountain biking in South Tyrol and even outside the province

5. When did you decide to quit your job with “normal” and to live in MTB?

For a couple of years of work as an architect less and more as a guide to mountain bike, I have more time for family and my passion

6. You are well known in Italy? How do you explain it?

Because for me the mountain bike is a great passion, I like to explore and share with all the new paths that I discover. I also write a lot of articles travel in mountain bike and I also do a lot of photos, including many self-portraits, that met with some success. I’m editor of Mtb-mag.com

Stoanerne mandl, avelengo

Laps with very fatbike and seem very convinced. Do you think the fatbike is a real competition for the bike?

More than a competition is a different opportunity that offers the bike. The fatbike came for snow and sand, but should be fine even on summer paths. E ‘absolutely the bike more fun than I ever tried.

8. If you will choose from a fat, a 29 hardtail, a racing bike or enduro 27.5: which would you take?

I had all these types of bikes, but since I tried the fatbike go out only with this and I sold all the others. It is not the best bike ever, but it is certainly the most versatile, with a bike alone can do everything from paved bike outings on the snow!

9. Live in Merano: what is your preferred route and why?

When customers come to take them often to Merano Merano 2000 to make the tour of the shelters and the European path towards Bolzano until the cairns, is the most fun and scenic route that there is

10. It is in the rest of South Tyrol? And in the rest of Italy?

It is now 15 years that I spend my summer holidays and winter in Alta Val Pusteria to Dobbiaco. When I find my clients the plateau of Prato Piazza, with its paths and gorgeous views of the Dolomites are always satisfied. Elsewhere in Italy I love the Island of Elba, where you can start from the sea and do beautiful and challenging mountain trails

11. On your website you can see many tips itineraries. You never scruples to publish itineraries about the owners of the land etc.?

I think if a path is public should anyone we can go, the important thing is to have respect for hikers, always stopping and saying goodbye

12. You know that in Austria and in other Italian regions, not everyone is as lucky as we can run on almost path. Do you believe that it serves a formal legalization or do you think it would be best to leave everything as it is? What do you think of Latsch and Naturns where we try to point out paths for bikes?

In Vinschgau they are definitely doing a great job with the trails and for the development of the bike, but I think it is right that everyone is free to go cycling and discover any path. Right now it is legal to go everywhere and rightly so, in mutual respect and with the exception naturally of trails in natural parks and those where there is a large pedestrian traffic.


13.How did the idea of ​​the Xtreme born?

The Alto Adige / Südtirol Xtreme bike trail is the first adventure in complete self-sufficiency in mountain bike that takes place in South Tyrol. The formula is very simple: you sign up, you receive a track to be loaded on the GPS, is mounted on the bike and follow the track to the end! Each participant is free to follow the pace they prefer and to stop where and when he wants to eat and sleep. This type of adventure is born in America a few years ago, you do not run against opponents, but you have to try to win the challenge against yourself!
The route runs through the South Tyrol from west to east, the Ortler to the Dolomites, the Val Venosta to Val Pusteria. In all, 500 km and 12,000 vertical meters. The start will be on July 11

14. Organize other events?

In February, I organize the “Snow fat bike adventure”, an adventure in self-sufficiency in the snow in Merano 2000. In March, I organize the “Nonnocarb invitational” a gathering freeride between Merano and Val Venosta to celebrate spring (and my birthday) and June organize a rally on the all-mountain paths around Merano. Throughout the year we organize guided tours of one or more days in South Tyrol.

Photo by Maurizio Deflorian