Around the Latemar by mountain bike

The Val d’Ega is a place where nature reigns supreme and offers countless opportunities for recreation. To recount one of the classic mountain biking, ranges for exercise, is Manfred Eisath, owner of Marica Hotel and Sports at Ega.

val d'ega marica hotel

Manfred was born in these places and in the meadow where he played as a child, ten years ago he decided with his wife, who comes from a famous family of hoteliers, to build a sports hotel.

“Today we have to offer services and something special. Since my wife and I we decided to do sports bike and hiking in the summer. A classic of the area is around the Latemar.

giro del latemar


We have modified and called “Latemar De luxe” because one of the two climbs we do with a lift.




It leaves from our yard and we walk around 1100mt. It starts with a challenging climb here in easy walking routes there are not need to be fit.

giro latemar mtb

Go up the dirt road toward Obereggen between meadows and woods and then using the road that winter is the toboggan run to get to 1900.

pista slittino

You arrive in the middle of the forest in a beautiful trail full of roots and rocks so very technical. We pass next to a small stream.

ruscello latemar

t gets to the highest point “Mitter leger” under the Latemar, the meadow where once brought the cows in the pasture full of wooden huts where you can enjoy a breathtaking view.


Then he goes on and you get to pass Carezza. There is a small piece of paved road passes in the province of Trento in order to make the other section around Ladin.


From here begins a spectacular downhill very challenging technically the so-called “single trade.” Among the most beautiful in the area. Not everyone is.


This leads us directly to Moena. It passes through the center in the beautiful square which fortunately did not traffic through a ring that diverted traffic.

moena in bici

From here keep to the path of Fondovalle which is that you need to Marcialonga winter. You will often find athletes rollerski. There is a road called Highway of Turkey and make a summer party to remember this turkish.


Then the path passes in front of trampolines Predazzo.

predazzo mtb



And from here the lift that takes us back to 2,200. Cable car with mtb.

cabinovia latemar

Feudo Pass. Usually here we stop to eat dishes from Trentino in the cabin. My favorite dish sausage and polenta with mushrooms and cheese. Coffee smothered in vanilla ice cream.


Then you go through the huts Obereggen and we refer in the province of Bolzano. We follow an old mule track between horses and cows in the beautiful trails through beautiful forests and flowering meadows.

il giro del latemar

To frame the Latemar always legendary place.

The trail passes through a cabin that once served to store the hay and that is my family, “Marica” and make one last stop with snaps.

snaps in mtb

We return to the hotel and then on the terrace a beautiful bier Weisen not take anyone off.


km 40

difference in level: 1100 mt

from 9.00 to 16.00

Reportage di Manfred Eisath