Stoneman Trail adventure for mountain bikers in high pusteria

Cycling in close contact with nature while enjoying a show like no other, one of the dolomites of the Alta Pusteria in South Tirolo, Italy: this and much more is Stoneman Trail!


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The Stoneman Trail Dolomites is a project developed five years ago by an award-winning champion of MTB, Roland Stauder.

But what is the Stoneman Trail? This is a test that requires a great workout it is a mountain bike route in the Dolomites, not far from the border with Austria, in which you have to make throughout 120 km and more than 4,000 meters of altitude, in either a one, two or three days, depending on the capacity.

To complete the  Stoneman adventure in 3 days, the biker well trained, should be able to make daily trips to 1,500 m in altitude.

stoneman trail

Each biker will they be guided by the so-called “Stanemandlan“, or “little men of stone”, which for many centuries leading climbers in the mountains.

The goal is to collect five stamps that you will receive along the path at different points of control as huts or shelters. During the trip you will have to overcome a difficult passage uphill (Up Hill), the steep climb up to the “Sillianerhütte” (3 miles) and the famous 10 km long single trail, called “Demut”, located at altitude 2,400 m above sea level that will thrill especially the more experienced cyclists.

All those who manage to collect 5 stamps, will be appointed on the site and rewarded with a trophy more than one, personally created by Roland Stauder.

mtb stoneman trail


Legend has it that in the past a sample of mountain biking decided to walk the trails in the Dolomites. Intent and focused only on himself, he did not realize he was riding in a wonderland of rare beauty. He ignored completely the nature of the Sesto Valley. The Top One, to punish the superficiality of the rider, he rolled from its peak a huge amount of stones. The cyclist was saved, but his bicycle was buried. At this point the cyclist was forced to look to the tops and was admired by so much beauty. When he returned to retrieve his bicycle, a sign of humility, with boulders collapsed, created figurines, then arranged along the entire route.


One of the partners of Roland Stauder and this magnificent project is the Hotel Alpenblick in Sesto. From this year, the hotel is part of the Bikehotels South Tyrol. “Our goal is to give enthusiasts the unique mountain bike adventure and to guarantee them all the services they need in a cycling holiday in the mountains. With us you are in safe hands! “Ensures Markus Lanzinger, owner of the Hotel Alpenblick and avid cyclist.

We advise you to contact the hotel to verify the possibility to perform the Stoneman Trail, view the snow at high altitude.

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