A bike journey through the artistic and natural beauty of central Italy

Autumn is still a month ideal for cycling and if you fancy a cycling holiday for a few days, based on the slow pace and the beauty of art and nature, the cycling route permanent “Cycling in the Terra del Duca” can be what it does for you. It is a journey of almost 450 kilometers between the Marche and Umbria regions, which extends from the Adriatic Sea to the mountains of the Apennines, through the landscapes that were in the Renaissance paintings by Piero della Francesca in his works and in the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci . The ideal to enjoy it to better plan a vacation for a week, but if you are well trained you can succeed in less days.

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Gubbio, Palazzo dei Consoli

Along the route there are cities such as Urbino, Gubbio, Pesaro and Senigallia, but also many other small medieval villages of Marche and Umbria, lesser-known, but rich in history and traditions to discover.

A few cycling routes, in fact, can boast in so far offer ranges from Raphael to Mario Giacomelli, from the religious festival at the Summer Jamboree, the Rossini Opera Festival to the Christmas tree largest in the world, not only to remember the beauty Historical buildings of the Renaissance period. In short, any time of year you choose to deal with it, you will have events of high interest to attend and wonderful things to discover.


Parco San Bartolo, panorama sul mare AdriaticoSan Bartolo park, sea views AdriaticoPedalando along the roads with no traffic on this route, in addition to the artistic and cultural beauties, you can enjoy real natural wonders as the “velvet beach” of Senigallia or the Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo, He is known for its beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea and the charming village of Focara, cited by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Inland you can explore the mountain scenery of Mount Catria and Nero, meet the Natural Reserve of the Furlo Gorge, the Nature Reserve of Monte Cucco Park and the pristine Bottaccione Gorge, a few kilometers from Gubbio.

Finally, at the end of a long day on the pedals, you can regain your strength with the variety of culinary excellence that this part of Italy has to offer, from the dishes of fish from the Adriatic, those venison or delicious truffle, all washed down with a choice of white and red wines of the highest quality.


PlanimetriaThe itinerary develops counterclockwise and can take off either by each of the four major cities that characterize it, that is, Senigallia, Pesaro, Urbino and Gubbio; it depends on your travel needs. The course measures just under 450 km and runs almost entirely on scenic roads and low traffic intensity. The route is hilly but never attained altitudes higher than 800 meters and not dealing with extreme slopes, and with good preparation can be pedaled by most tourists with an average level of fitness. The route is likely to be path with any type of bike, from that of “race” to the “e-bike” with pedal assistance. Given the length of the route we would like to advise you to deal with it in a week, with an average of about 60 kilometers a day, but if you are well trained you can assume to complete the route in 4 or 5 days.

The itinerary is already feasible and next spring will also fully tabellato. For now you can find information, map and track gps on site www.terradelduca.it