Ca’ Roman and Pellestrina by bike

Our trip started early, at 8:40 we were already in Chioggia, we unloaded the car and 5 bicycles parked in the parking Jupiter, new, video surveillance and a 5-minute bike ride from Piazza Vigo.

We have 3 children, 9, 7 and 5 years and have tried a trip that was in their power, and I must say that this is also perfect for a 5 year old child who has just left the bike with training wheels …

Once you reach the square we found the Vigo Bragozzo Ulysses, who was waiting for us. To reach Pellestrina you can either take the vaporetto ACTV is the Bragozzo Ulysses. Having l-mob (what was once called Green Card Venice) each way by boat costs € 1, but the transportation of bikes (additional cost of € 1) is at the discretion of the captain of the boat that can restrict access according to users present on the boat (if you choose ACTV arrive at least 30 minutes early to be sure to find a place for bikes).

We preferred the Bragozzo Ulysses, is smaller, the captain makes you as a tour guide during the voyage, and especially time of departure and return just bring them into agreement with the captain (cost € 5 and € 7 per person with bicycles); they also offer bike hire service (only for adults).

Shortly before 10:00 we landed at Ca ‘Roman, we got on the bikes and we walked the 2.5 kilometers that separate it from Pellestrina along the famous “Murazzi”, an artificial fortification that protects the islands and the lagoon from storm surges.

Once in Pellestrina, a charming fishing village, we passed the cemetery and we turned left onto the road that runs along the lagoon and where the fishing boats are moored. A stop to visit the Church of Santa Maria, in the preparations for the festival and a stop for a warm, freshly baked croissants in bakery Passarella.

At about 12:00 we were attracted by the lure of the sea, and parked the bikes, we planted a beach umbrella on the beach, and go for a swim. Picnic lunch on the beach collecting all our waste.

After lunch we went back to Ca ‘Roman, a natural oasis, parked the bike before entering we continued walking to the beach: I must say one of the most beautiful Veneto, fine sand, wild, crystal clear water, very few people shame that many had abandoned their waste.

At 17.00 this is the Bragozzo Rosso di Ulisse that awaits us at the dock and sail away into the lagoon to return to Chioggia. The Bragozzo has become the soundtrack of our holiday (also found in You Tube video).

Reportage by Antonino Gianni