Cycling between the Venetian Isles

How about a low budget holiday but fun and interesting for both families and groups of friends? I tried it for you, to be able to share and tell the readers of Viagginbici. The goal is the Lagoon of Venice that few know, made up of islands and places of great charm, great for cycling with his mouth open and to combine a beach holiday full of fun at Isamar Camping-Village of the latest generation four-star .

in bici isole venezia

The route starts from Chioggia tested for you: a “Little Venice” with a lot of bridges, canals, narrow streets and historic buildings, known not only for its beauty but also for the fish market which is among the most important in Italy.




The starting point is with the bike from Piazza Vigo. Irresistible to the lively atmosphere and the cheerful Bragozzo Ulisse, typical boat lagoon, which, in addition to transport tourists, also rents bikes (those who had not their own). It arrives at Ca ‘Roman, first stop on our tour, and natural oasis, banished to motor vehicles, in which they live more than a hundred protected species such as the kingfisher, the Kentish plover, little tern, the gull and the herring gull, while among the summer guests stand cuckoo, nightjar, the oriole and black bunting. Please note that there in the winter time of the peregrine falcon and the hawk, both to hunt small birds that take refuge along the wall of the dam.

mercato pesce


Leaving Ca ‘Roman we go, very carefully, to Pellestrina, the second leg of our journey to discover the Lagoon of Venice and its treasures. It is a very narrow strip of land protected by the famous Murazzi from the open sea, a kind of high stone embankment that runs along the only road that runs for each of the 11 km long. The village is best visited on foot, the sensation is like stepping back in time. The pace is slow, people chat amiably sitting in the chairs just outside the door of their colorful houses. Even some old lady braiding bobbins of the “Bolster” to make precious lace. For lunch always appreciated although not too cheap, Celeste. Arriving in Santa Maria del Mare ferries bike with the Ferry Boat, passing through the port inlet Malamocco and lands in the Alberoni. From there you walk 14 kilometers others

laguna venezia bicicletta


Alberoni Isle is another wonderful WWF oasis , rich in animal and plant species . From here begins the last leg of our trip to this charming part of the Venetian Lagoon . The center of Malamocco is lovely here too streets, squares and colorful houses huddled together . The Lido of Venice Blue Flag this year , however, is known as one of the most famous and prestigious seaside resorts of northern Italy. Ever since the “Belle Epoque” its golden beaches have hosted royalty, stars, and celebrities all over the world who have helped to make it a place with a unique atmosphere . The Film Festival has done the rest . You ride it in the middle of the Art Nouveau villas breathing a ‘ stately air which continues along the beach with its popular ” huts ” or numbered cabins with a veranda shaded by an awning. A stand out the famous Hotel Excelsior representing the timeless luxury . Extreme north St. Nicholas with its fortifications and the Church. And ‘ here that every year, the Most Serene Republic, The wedding is celebrated with the sea on Ascension Day.

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Venice is very expensive, the Lido has a few truly affordable solutions, and Pellestrina has little receptivity. To those who would consider this part of the lagoon to enjoy a cheap holiday but with everything you need, best camping Isamar 2013 ( to Isolaverde (Chioggia) is a winning solution. It is a village half as equipped for camping and for the other half of the chalets surrounded by greenery, with different levels of comfort; overlooking a beautiful beach and is perfect for families. Entertainment, parties and catering at the highest level make it a place to be taken seriously these days. Cost savings and many services equal to those of a holiday village. Inside, rides his bike around and there are many other easy routes to and even horse riding.

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