Videos on good manners of cyclists in South Tyrol.


For 2015 the Bikehotels Südtirol have conceived a very special initiative in favor of greater tolerance and fairness. Fair Ride – South Tyrol brings out the best of you!

This is the message of the campaign scheduled for this year, which aims to combine impeccable technical guide to good manners, but especially to experience first hand the tolerance on the trail.

The situation in South Tyrol is extremely favorable: in addition to being welcomed, we mountain bikers we have a broad spectrum of possibilities. Of course, this does not allow us to be disrespectful. With the initiative Fair Ride the Bikehotels Südtirol link to promote correct behavior on the trail, at the same time dispelling prejudices of other users of the routes, “says Daniel Schäfer, testimonial association Bikehotels Südtirol, bringing together the best hotel for bikers on the southern side of the Alps.


For the campaign was produced a video ad hoc presenting humorously rules key to maintaining impeccable behavior on the trail: not to abandon waste along the way, do not venture carelessly in the tall grass, pedaling with respect and with foresight and give priority to other users of the trail.


One approach actually logical, but not always obvious, because for good behavior in every situation requires a riding style noticed: “Only those who have mastered perfectly his bicycle paths can drive respecting and responding effectively to the unexpected. In collaboration with the guides mountain biking in South Tyrol, we propose solutions for the improvement of driving technique, pulling out the best from our guests, “says Schäfer concluding,” cyclists have more respectful style! “


Ride with the Fair Bikehotels Südtirol emphasize their position relative to a tolerant attitude on the trail and mutual respect, and are convinced that the awareness campaign will be welcomed.