A trip to Sardinia all boat and bicycle

A journey throughmare di sardegna in bici the white beaches of white sand, granite rocks spectacular shapes and clear blue sea emerald green in search of natural treasures, historical and archaeological sites of Sardinia and the Costa Smeralda.


A cruise on a sailing ship old, wooden boat, comfortable and elegant that allows intersperse the relaxing sailing on board the yacht with turkish Cycling on the mainland to know and enjoy the wonders of the coast and inland.

caicco e bicicletta

The kindness and hospitality of the Sardinian people, the flavors of regional specialties, the scent of pine, the vivid colors of the sea, the sky and nature contribute to achieving a physical and psychological benefits that no other type of vacation can give.

tour in bici sardegna

It ‘an active trip and ecological respect for nature that shows Sardinia from a point of view different from usual: from the sea and from the bicycle accompanied by the chirping of birds, rustling trees blowing in the mistral, the gurgle of the waves that crashing on the rocks, the scent of the maquis and the caress of the breeze during pedaling.

bicicletta costa smeralda

At the end of the week of cycling holiday you will have the feeling of a general benefit of the physical and the psyche, because cycling is good for the heart, the heart rate decreases and the pressure is lowered, improves blood and lymphatic circulation in the limbs lower, you tone muscles without ingrossarli, also while riding in the beautiful setting of the Costa Smeralda, the mind travels free and this brings significant psychological benefits as well as physical ones. Cycling in Sardinia is considered the best anti-stress and anti-hypertensive natural.

costa smeralda

The path is a continuous up and down smoothly to altitude, along side roads, during a season with mild temperatures. At every corner there is something to see and fatigue is attenuated by the wild and romantic beauty of the landscape.

During breaks everyday you can visit the ancient sites of civilization dolmen, ancient fortresses preserved in the islands of the archipelago of La Maddalena, the home of our hero Garibaldi at Caprera, famous resorts such as Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, the huge granite rocks sculpted the wind and the sea … all accompedalare in sardegnapanied by breathtaking views.

A cruise trip and that will always remain in my mind and heart, because it is a holiday to complete that stimulates all the senses, without excluding the delicacies and specialties sardines on board the yacht!

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Reportage Sara De Cesare