Asparagus Cycling tour in South Tyrol

Do you like asparagus? Do you want to combine nature, cycling and taste? Your choice at this time can only be South Tyrol and more precisely what is called the “triangle of asparagus” Terlano, Vilpian and Settequerce.


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In these days of April and May starts right in these lands they cultivate a centuries-old tradition, the harvest of this noble vegetable and with it, the season tastier for those who love him. An excellent opportunity to discover this region and its specialties on two wheels!

in bicicletta alto adige

While all around the orchards bloom beautifully and east Rosengarten snow shines in the sun, our journey of taste on two wheels side by Andriano. Walking through the ancient and little traffic Wine Road meet Nalles and Lana. For culture lovers a masterpiece not to be missed: the famous altar Schnatterpeck Lana.

in bicicletta asparagi

On the bike path of the Adige on south direstion, we admire with wonder the landscape in bloom with the blossoming apple trees, all nature is full of colors and sweet scents! In Vilpiano and Terlano meet the first asparagus fields, and there admire those who, every day, men and women, gather the noble vegetable with great dedication.

meli in fiore

Noon arrives early and with a slight rumbling stomach come to Settequerce. Here we decide to stop at the legendary restaurant Patauner. At the table waiting for us and a great home-cooked food prepared in April and tasty asparagus Terlano, freshly picked from the field. The many specialties offered on the menu are all inviting, and the landlord comes in handy proposing a custom meal. We opt for a salad of asparagus with dandelions, crisp diced bacon and quail egg, a garlic soup with ravioli stuffed with char Passeier and inevitable, asparagus with ham in the house, traditional Bolzano sauce and salsa apples. All accompanied by local wines. For the next day, the landlord advised us a wine tasting at a winery not far!

melo in fiore alto adige

We put in the backpack’s recipe for a tasty house sauce Bolzano, return to the starting point, because tomorrow we leave at the time of the second part of this holiday full of taste on two wheels!


  • Length of the route: 40 km 
  • Drop: 0 m
  • Departure and arrival: Sigmundskron (Castel Firmiano)
  • Local recommended for lunch: Restaurant Patauner, closed on Thursdays
  • Bikeshop: Tobike a Nalles
  • Hotel: Hotel Gantkofel ad Andriano, Locanda Terzer a Cortaccia

For all information, please contact:

Ludovica Casellati