Cycling Umbria

And ‘the title of an old regional guide describing some of the best routes to do by bike, but it is also a concise description of the best way to discover the most fascinating of the “Green Heart of Italy”, that is on two wheels.

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Umbria, in fact, for its varied configuration of the land, for the green of nature and for the hundreds of kilometers of scenic roads and no traffic, is an ideal region for bike lovers, who can find out so slow the traditions and the spirit of places.
viaggiare in bici in umbria

A long cycling holiday, but also a cycling trip Sunday, can give you the opportunity to discover hidden beauties and unforgettable, because every corner of Umbria has something to offer, both the experienced cyclist and trained, and those who want to organize a ride in family.

Amongst the most popular, to everyone but at the same time pleasant and charming, we recommend first the bike path that goes from Assisi to Spoleto: a flat route, almost entirely in their own office and well marked, that in a few kilometers will ride in the green of this corner of Umbria and discover the beauty of cities like Assisi and Spoleto, but also towns like Bevagna, Trevi and Montefalco. If you are well trained you can take the Assisi-Spoleto in one day, but you should “take” at least a weekend, in order to do things slowly and taking the time to discover the beauty that you will encounter along the route why not, the food and wine of these places.

pedalare nei borghi umbriUmbria villages, in addition to known for its natural and artistic excellence, it is world famous for the quality of its products: oil, wine and pork products are not to be missed, but also homemade pasta, lentils , truffle. In short, even at the table you can have fun …

From Spoleto, then, it kicks off another of the most fascinating of Umbria, the stretch of former railway Spoleto-Norcia, recovered last year and is already attracting hundreds of bikers. The old pavement has been fixed and you pedal easily with a mid-level bike, the slopes are gentle and the charm of viaducts and helical tunnels is really unique. If you come to ride around here, is a journey not to be missed …

Among the routes easy but always fascinating from the point of view of landscape, do not forget the route along the Tiber and routes around the lake Trasimeno.ciclabile lago trasimeno


If you are cyclists and want to try on the most demanding routes, you can ride on the hills of Monte Peglia or long climbs on the Umbria-Marche Appennins, which in addition to the satisfaction of putting yourself to the test, will offer the opportunity to discover picturesque landscapes or hidden villages, where to stop in an old shop, eat two slices of bread and ham and enjoy the true spirit of the place.


And if you love mountain biking, do not worry, here too there is plenty of choice. Umbria is full of dirt roads and trails that run through all of its hills.

umbria mtbProbably there is not one area of ​​this region where we can not arrange a ride Mtb never forget … Of course, the paths of the Park of Monte Cucco, the peaks of Valnerina, the floor of the Great Casteluccio, are the top destinations for bikers experts, but many other places hidden reserve surprises extraordinary and beautiful landscapes, often unknown to the masses, and therefore all the more authentic and unspoiled.


he natural inclination of the land for two wheels, Umbria has added a number of important services for cyclists, as a network of bike hotels, the site and a dedicated app where you can find information about routes and information useful for planning your trip. And if you have special needs, you want a holiday organized, you need information on the hospitality or on a specific route, there is a consortium Umbria & Bike (, ready to satisfy all your needs.

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Il centro di Bevagna, attraversata dalla pista ciclabileUlivi e vigneti nella zona di MontefalcoVIAGGINBICI UMBRIA