Summer in Carinthia, bike, trekking and excursions for families


A busy and packed schedule awaits in Carinthia lovers of landscapes of legendary beauty and the mild and sunny climate.

Real magic moments: from the evocative walks at dawn to see the spectacle of the rising sun, the mountain biking with arrival at the lake; adrenaline climbing, treasure hunt for children, up to a relaxing trip on a raft tasting dishes Carinthia. Here there is something for everyone!

FOR LOVERS OF BICYCLE MOUNTAIN BIKE AND KAYAK IN ONE DAYMountain biking and kayaking in one day? In Carinthia you can do! Along spectacular single-trail, you cross the rolling green landscapes and mountains and then paddling lulled by the gentle movement of crystal clear blue water. The program provides the starting mountain biking (own or rented) then attraversaere the valley of the Nock Mountains.
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Obviously, depending on the level of preparedness of the participants will choose the route most suitable guide. Once on the lake Millstätter, you will leave the bike to get on a kayak: After a quick course on the use of the canoe, you will start to ride over the clear waters of the lake. After a lot of sport, a barbeque on the beach Carinthian specialties will be the perfect end to a truly unforgettable day! Every Tuesday from 24 June to 23 September 2014. Bookings: within 17:00 of the previous day, + 43 (0) 4240/8212
FOR LOVERS OF TREK: THE RISE OF THE SUN TOUR FALKERTBeing on top of the mountain when the sun bathes the mountains all around with its golden light and a moment of magic that enchants every hiker. The program includes departure before dawn to watch the sun rise over the top of Falkert in Bad Kleinkirchheim, among the desserts Nock Mountains. In a magical play of colors, will witness the slow awakening of nature and with a little ‘luck you may spot deer and marmots, all in the soft background of birdsong.
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It will drop and then along the valley Sonntagstal to the sparkling waters of the lake Falkertsee, where the shelter will be served a healthy breakfast in the hut. On the table you will be served hearty delicacies of Carinthia, as the “Frigga” (made with bacon and cheese), the “Sterz” (a kind of porridge) or the sweet “Reindling.” Every Tuesday from 8 July to 26 August 2014. Bookings: within 17:00 of the previous day, + 43 (0) 4240/8212
The holidays are the time to spend days of serenity with the whole family, involving the youngest in exciting activities and fun, but at the same time interesting and instructive.

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An opportunity not to be missed and to undertake a real treasure hunt in the Geopark Carnic Alps, discover the region’s geological history dating back 500 million years ago. Accompanied by a ranger prepared, equipped with map and GPS, it will reach that and the only existing fossil forest in Austria.
The highlight of this excursion quiet, as well as go in search of precious stones in the beds of small streams, will find the famous treasure chest hidden near the ruins of the ancient castle of Pittersberg. The tour will conclude with a rich and well-deserved snack at a picnic area, open the upper valley of the river Gail. Every Friday from June 30 to September 6, 2014. Reservations: until 16.00 the day before, +43 (0) 4718/30133


You know, the spa also comes from good food. To combine all of this, physical activity and food lovers typically can not help but accept the invitation to participate in this special excursion to discover the typical flavors of Carinthia. Accompanied expert guides, you will start from the shores of the enchanting Lake Weissensee with a veritable raft of taste


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You can admire magnificent landscapes and views are truly unique, as well as find out where they live bear, the lynx, the bearded vulture and griffon vulture. Along the journey you will learn to discover and will interpret animal tracks you can avail them and observe them in their natural environment. At the end of the crossing will be served the delicious lake fish accompanied with good wine Carinthia, a product of which the whole region is very proud. Every Friday from May 1 to October 15, 2014. Reservations: until 17.00 on the previous Wednesday, +43 (0) 4713/2220 info@weissensee.comThe average cost of each of these “Magic Moments” is around Euro 40.00, with discounts for small child.