A bike path bright and sustainable devoted to Van Gogh

The Van Gogh bicycle path is an innovative bicycle path that is being developed in the Eindhoven region at the site where Vincent van Gogh lived from 1883 to 1885. The bicycle path will have a unique design consisting of thousands of small sparkling stones developed by artist Daan Roosegaarde. The bicycle path is being developed by Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans and is part of a joint venture between the municipality of Eindhoven, Van Gogh Brabant, Vrijetijdshuis Brabant, Eindhoven 365 and Routebureau Brabant.

The light stones will be used to create patterns in the path that will charge during the day and emit light during the evening. This creates an interplay of light and poetry, which provides a modern interpretation to Vincent van Gogh’s work ‘Starry Night’. Cultural heritage and innovation merge in this new, public landscape. The bicycle path will be 600 metres (656 yards) long and is part of the existing Van Gogh cycling route.


Van Gogh Bicycle Path Roosegaarde detail

Touristy, ecological and economic added value

The Van Gogh bicycle path was created as a cultural and recreational application based on the light-emitting techniques developed for the Smart Highway, a joint development of Heijmans and Studio Roosegaarde for the highway of tomorrow. The bicycle path transforms cycling at this site into a wonderful experience. Furthermore, this approach lights up the path in a sustainable way without disturbing the existing ecology. As a tourist attrac- tion, the bicycle path also offers economic added value to the Eindhoven region: visitors can experience the pathway in the evening and therefore will likely stay in the region longer.


For additional information:

smarthighway@heijmans.nl www.heijmans.nl & www.studioroosegaarde.net