Cycling with Bacchus in Noci, Apulia

Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 the lovely little village of Noci opens its “gnostre” beautiful courtyards overlooked by ancient buildings, to create an event that celebrates the autumn. “Bacchus in gnostre, wine and roast chestnuts” began in the wake of a small country fair in honor of chestnuts organized by the ladies of the old town in 2000.

bacco nelle gnostreBdG Valerio Fiume32

A wine festival, the harvest, a festival dedicated to local products, a festival where the protagonist is not only the wine but the whole identity of a community. Thereby, the traditions, the historical re-enactments, crafts lost. The culture meets gastronomy: and is a winner combination.

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For the year 2014 the numbers are already staggering 100,000 visitors certificates in recent years, from all over Italy, over 10,000 bottles of wine ready to be uncorked, more than 200 sommeliers and culinary professionals committed to bring the combination of more attractive with quality wine and food of Puglia


And there are initiatives related to the promotion of cycling, culture of healthy living, environmental education for some years, in fact, nuts there is a continuous increase of cyclists thanks to the activities promoted by Nocinbici, in collaboration with Tast & go, organized in occasion of a free ciclopasseggiata called “in Search of Bacchus” open to all and any bike to discover the autumn landscapes that surround nuts. And for those who does not have his own bike, you can also rent e-bikes (electric bikes with pedal assistance) for the round-trip cost of € 12 per bike. The bikes are lightweight and easy to handle and are designed to allow everyone to walk and cycle without any difficulty thanks to a smart electric motor that assists the ride (for info and reservations 48.3508572, 349.0767071).

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Bacchus in gnostre became green with the certification Ecofestival Puglia that has enabled the collection and disposal of waste in directly to the festival. Thirteen wineries present at the event; thirty, however, members of the gastronomic committed to satisfy the palate: success for the intuition of the plate Bacchus led to the discovery of a traditional vegetable such as cabbage rich, cultivated dall’Agricola Lamachiara and craftsmanship combined with the bark burnt wheat bread crumbs and fried by the chef of Peregrine Christmas Martucci.

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