Work by bike earns more


In Belgium, more and more companies that encourage employees  to use the “company bike.” A gain are all: companies that have such a strong economy, employees who have strong cash incentives and the community benefits from less pollution. Even Germany is at the forefront from this point of view: they are also tens of thousands of German companies that apply these incentives.

In France there is the Plan de Déplacements Enterprise, a business plan that allows you to establish an alternative mobility for employees, granting tax relief for business and economic incentives for workers.

bike to work


In Switzerland, last year the number of companies that have joined the initiative Pro Velo has beaten all records.
The idea was captivating a growing number of businesses and commuters throughout Switzerland. 1’602 listed companies with the initiative to work by bike Pro Velo Switzerland recorded in the month of June, some 50,000 participants who went to work on two wheels.
In other words: in a month cyclists covered a distance equal to ten times the way the Earth-Moon and back. On this distance subcompact emit 1’156 tons of CO2 (basis for calculation: 160g CO2/km).

Today is the turn of Chile: the company Altiuz pay a sum of 30 cents per kilometer for those who ride a bike to work. It also works for those who decide to go on foot. The marketing director has adopted this measure which is controlled through phones and smartphones. The problem is that Chile lacks infrastructure that will enable many other companies to adopt similar solutions, it is the first step and very important!

Editorial Staff